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Wind and Rain Spikes

Weather stations may sometimes display spikes in values that have nothing at all to do with the weather conditions they are meant to be recording. This happens more often with cable weather stations than wireless ones. These instances are caused by radio frequency (RF) interference, which can be extremely difficult for the average user to determine the source of.

RF interference can be caused by many things, including cables crossing or laying parallel to other cables, or a nearby malfunctioning device that is emitting stray RF. It can also be caused by your weather station being too near a power line, or a cable that is picking up RF from another transmitter.

If you use Weather Display, you can attempt to eliminate the effects of RF interference on data by using the existing filters that allow you to ignore the spikes. You can also try adding a ferrite core, changing the location of the weather station’s components, and rerouting, reorienting, and twisting the cables. If none of these possible solutions fix the problem, you will have to use screened cable. CAT 5 network cable is best for this.

Spikes may be the results of sources of interference besides RF. The electric potential of the Earth may be different at the site where the weather station is located and the site where the computer that connects to it is, which can cause some issues. In these cases, it is usually the computer that has the wrong earth potential. This problem has a rather simple solution: just make sure the computer is properly earthed. If this doesn’t work, try adding a ferrite core to the computer end of the serial cable.

While these problems do occur, they are extremely rare. And don’t think they are just issues that any one model or brand has because they can happen with any electronic or wireless device.


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