A sonnet about Weather Stations

A sonnet about Weather Stations

Posted by Monax Test and Weather on 7th Mar 2023

We asked ChatGPT to write a sonnet about weather stations - it is a masterpiece:

Amidst the fields and meadows green and vast,
A sentinel stands tall, its purpose clear:
To measure, record, and report at last,
The changing moods of sky and atmosphere.

A weather station, steadfast and secure,
Its sensors keenly tuned to every gust,
To every shift in temperature and moisture,
To every drop of rain or flake of dust.

With diligence it keeps its watchful eye,
Its data points revealing to the world,
The patterns of the earth and sea and sky,
The ebb and flow of weather, swiftly whirled.

Oh, weather station, faithful and true,
We owe our thanks and admiration to you.