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La Crosse WS2355 Transmitter Troubleshooting

If your La Crosse WS2355 is losing connecting with any of the outdoor sensors double check the following:

  1. The batteries in all units are fresh and fully charged.  Alkaline batteries slow down and freeze in colder temperatures which leads to signal dropouts so we recommend Lithium batteries in colder climates.  Also avoid rechargeable batteries as many are 1.2V (need standard 1.5V) and they also leak their peak charge quickly even if they are 1.5V.
  2. Remove all the batteries and wait 2 minutes.   Insert the batteries in the transmitter first, then into the rain gauge and lastly into the base console.  Don't touch the unit for 4 minutes.
  3. The transmitter is not out of range. Going through walls can significantly reduce the range. Test this by taking the receiver closer to the transmitter, remove and reinsert the batteries and wait for a few minutes to see whether the signal is picked up.
  4. Check for sources of interference (cordless phones, baby monitors etc)

If 3. or 4. is an issue you may need to relocate the sensor array, receiver, or both.

  1. Check all connections are secure and plugged in correctly.


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