STOP! Back away from your weather station until you read this!



When set up correctly wireless weather stations can be lots of fun and provide years of trouble free operation. When set up poorly weather stations can be one of the most frustrating experiences in the world.

But there is hope! It is possible to have a smooth and painless setup and years of excellent service from your station but you need to follow a few simple steps that most weather station suppliers don't want you to know.

Here's the little secret they won't tell you: it doesn't matter what brand of station you have, you need to follow certain rules in locating and installing your station. And how closely those rules must be followed depends on answering the fundamental question of whether you are wanting to measure conditions just at your place or be a mini weather service for your local area. Fortunately all of this is very simple, you just need to know how.

This guide helps you answer that question and then carefully steps you through locating and installing your station. It also takes you through some simple preventative maintenance that can considerably extend the life of your station. 

If you have just bought a weather station we strongly recommend you resist the urge to dive straight into setting up your station and read this guide first.  

If you are contemplating buying a weather station for you or as a gift or just want insight into the world of weather stations and how fun and simple they really are once you have the proper guidance this guide is also for you. 

It contains 30 pages of knowledge gained from over 10 years experience selling and servicing all the major brands of stations in a simple to follow format. It will save you an enormous amount of time in the long run and help you get the most enjoyment from your weather station.

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